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8 Uncomfortable Realizations You Will Have Before You Succeed

Selling Your Home? 8 Uncomfortable Realizations You'll Have Before You Succeedkali9/iStock; realtor.comSelling a home is just one of those experiences you've got to go through to truly understandâ€

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What Is My Home Worth What Every Owner Should Know

What Is My Home Worth? What Every Owner Should Knowmalerapaso/iStockEver wondered "What is my home worth?" During the housing bubble years leading up to 2007, it was with the pleasant thrill of

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How To Price A House To Sell Like Hotcakes

How To Price a House To Sell Like HotcakesDavid McNew/Getty ImagesPutting a price tag on a home you're trying to sell is a tricky thing. For one, it's your home, crammed full of memories,

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What Is The Cost Of Waiting Until Next Year To Buy

What Is The Cost Of Waiting Until Next Year To Buy?We recently shared that over the course of the last 12 months, home prices have appreciated by 7.0%. Over the same amount of time,

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